Sunday, November 14, 2010

Radio Silence.

Stitch and Destroy.
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I very very vividly remember a time when I was using the Magic and Wonder of the World Wide Web for creative purposes. To research ideas, plan projects, or get feedback. My productivity was high and I felt really good about what I was putting out there into the ether. Now, not so much.

Lately I've been in a sort of radio-silence mode. No real facespace status updates, no tweets, nothing. To quote the character Joel from one of my favorite movies of all time, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind: "Constantly talking isn't necessarily communicating." By blathering on incessantly I wasn't really taking anything in nor was I really GIVING anything. I was just making sound for the sake of hearing my own voice. For someone who's main drive in life is to create, that is incredibly counter intuitive.

Starting today: November 14th, 2010 I promise to spend at the absolute very least 1 hour working on creative pursuits. Whether that is drawing, sewing, gifts, the quilt, anything. I'd like to set an additional goal of finishing one entire piece a week, but I don't know how do-able that is. In additional to working for at least an hour each day, I am going to really start keeping track of all the projects I have started this will help me keep from starting things and never finishing them.

I've been lax since 2010 started and I can feel it. I feel rusty in my sewing and sketching. So here's to creating and radio-silence and a jump start on 2011: A Year of Creative Endeavors.

Monday, September 6, 2010


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I'm not going to lie, I spent about 40 minutes this morning going through my photos for a semi decent photo of fabric since that's exactly what I want to write about. To no avail, I surprisingly don't take many photos of my fabric stash. I'm amazed and sort of disappointed. Instead of letting that disappointment win I got pumped about this photo.


Back to the fabric though. I've been drooling over patterns and fabrics over at and I started thinking about some of the patterns on fabric and how to pick the right fabric for things like skirts or dresses. It's no secret that I don't wear a lot of color or bright large patterns, but there is just something about seeing these huge floral patterns looking like water colors with alarming splotches of pinks, greens, oranges, and blues. It's really really difficult for me to pick out fabrics for clothing items and not just go immediately to black, charcoal grey, olive drab, and other various dark plain colors.

I've always told myself that I'm going to branch out, start to enjoy color more, try something new. Does it happen? No, not really. Especially since I moved to Pittsburgh and gave away most of my clothes to the Goodwill, my closet is a lot like a cartoon characters. Black tshirts, grey jeans, black socks/bras/underwear... all the time.

So, the real question: How does one choose a fabric for a skirt or dress? Large bold prints? Small all over patterns? If you're not accustomed to lots of color should you just jump right in with a fabric like this?

Pelargonium Natural - Cottage Garden

Or tiptoe into the waters with something like this?

Edie Black - Alexander Henry

Are there tips for how to choose a fabric to be flattering? Is there a guide to bringing someone who wears almost all black to the world of patterns and prints? HELP!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Sum Of All Things.

What my days consist of. Sticth and bitch and sip.
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I'd be a liar if I said the last few weeks haven't been difficult. I've been feeling cagey and despondent. Not having a concrete job lead, it being so impossibly humid, and the general malaise I've not been "Regular Nichole." I've also not been "Super Productive Nichole" either. I used to be so energized by the sun, now I just feel like it's zapping my power.

I'm going to do the Polish Hill Art What You Got festival in July and I should be using every single spare moment to be sewing and creating and making as much as possible. This is my first year doing this festival and I have no idea how much product needs to be made. This is a weird feeling, working through my stash and having something to show for it. Making things to sell and not to give away.

I love the feeling of a finished product. I love holding something in my hands that I made, from beginning to end. Such satisfaction in seeing how much I've grown as a seamstress. I still feel like such a beginner and still afraid of some things, but I know I'm learning. I find myself taking the time to iron, wash, measure, mark, pin, iron, repin, back stitch.. etc. I'm doing things the right way instead of the quick way.

It feels good. I feel accomplished.

Now, if I could just beat this heat and get back to work I'd feel even better.