Sunday, February 12, 2012

99 Problems.

99 Problems.
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My lack of posting does not indicate that I've not been creating, but it is a reflection of the fact that I've not been taking a large amount of joy in making my Zomb-mes. It feels like work, which is something I always worried about.
Is there a balance between the blissful warmth of creating because you're inspired and filling orders as they come to you? Orders that will pay you. Orders that will get the word out about your creations. I realize that in order for my art to ever support my lifestyle I need to accept that sometimes I will have to sew when it's work and not whatever is popping right into my skull.
I just have to coax myself into believing that even when it's work it's working towards my goal. I have to remind myself of the people in my life like Dan at Commonwealth Press and Lisa at Sapling Press who made their creativity their livelihood.

I'm using Pinterest as a source of motivation for all walks of my life, but especially my creative life. I need all the push I can't get right now.