Sunday, February 17, 2013

Little Zomb-me on the Prairie.

There is such an amazing sense of wholeness when I complete a Zomb-me order and send them out into the world to meet their owners. A swell of true pride when I get that email of excitement from them after they've opened the package and have seen the little undead versions of themselves, their wives/husbands/partners/children/grandparents whatever. I love making people smile with these little plush monsters. There isn't a part of this process that I don't love. It can be stressful when I'm under time constraints, but I'm always happiest when I'm sewing.
The two Zomb-mes in this picture were the first ones made with Prairie Point Junction felt. I spent a long time researching and shopping around n the Internet and Etsy to find somewhere that sold consistent quality and colors of wool felt. They use a blend of either 20%/80% or 35%/65% wool/rayon. It's thick, even, and vibrant. I've had issues in the past with wool blends where the felt would pull thin or pill very quickly. The plush I make are stuffed with fabric/felt scraps and not fiberfill, so they're heavier and require a stronger felt. Prairie Point delivers this and then some. Their customer service is great, prices are fair, shipping is quick, and the quality is great. I highly recommend picking up the sampler box if you feel you may be picking up lots of different colors and want to be certain what they're like prior to your purchase.

Other than my desire to promote such a great small company, I also popped by to mention the Plush Pittsburgh Pierogi Pins are now on my Etsy store over at Plight of the Living Dead.

I've wasted enough time in the vast inky blackness of the internet, it's time to get back to sewing. Till next time, creeps.