Wednesday, July 13, 2011

An Impasse.

Face wound.
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I've been driven to an impasse in the form of during the last two years my photography has dropped off. I thought moving into the city would have had the exact opposite effect, a whole new place to explore. So many more neighborhoods to roam and capture. Yet as my drawing and sewing picked up the photography is fading.
This is something I'm finding inevitable if not a little dismaying. I've always fancied myself a bit of a Renaissance woman, knowing and being good at a little of everything. As I'm becoming truly great at my Zomb-me's and I'm sewing more and more of them, I've realized I can't realistically focus on sewing (Zomb-me's, custom aprons, bags, etc.) AND do comics/zines full time. I don't think I ever really imagined a time where I wouldn't be able to juggle three or four really labor intense creative hobbies.
I sought advice from a comic artist I admire (Jeffrey Brown), and he has provided me some really amazing help in critiquing my work not to mention technique help too. I've never been so impressed by a response by another artist and so grateful for the help. It's provided this swell inside me, this drive to make comics... but then Zomb-me orders come in.
How do you choose? You have these two things you're fairly good at and you LOVE to do, but one of them is never going to get the love and attention the other will.
Which would you pick?

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