Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Revolution Will Be Handmade.

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I have been mulling over a conversation that I was/am a part of right now. Someone had made a passing comment on facespace, "Anything I've come into contact with that was homemade either sucked or made me full." Which isn't completely negative in and of itself, it could have just been that he hasn't ever really been around people who create things or surround themselves with beautiful, well made things.

Regardless I still defended people who make things by hand and the things they make. I feel I made a great case and even changed his mind. Further into the conversation another person expressed the same sentiment though. A blatant and unwavering "Home made shit isn't any good."

I'm... well, astonished. There is no other way to describe it. I, of course, take it somewhat personally as I spend a large part of my free time creating handmade items, trying to figure out how to market them, and constantly searching for ways to improve them. I'm more concerned than offended though. What a statement like that tells me is that either:

1. This person grew up with a family who didn't make things. No grandmother who crocheted/knitted/did needle point etc., no handmade afghans on the bed, no homemade halloween costumes, no time spent making things together and fostering creativity.

Or (even worse)

2. Someone who grew up with these sorts of things and just doesn't appreciate them. It's not unheard of, especially in our American culture, to have people with complete disregard to the effort and beauty of items that are made by hand. As much as it pains me to say this, we live in a "throw away" culture. Tupperware too difficult to clean all the time? Here is a cheaper option you can just throw away and buy more, even though when you throw it away it will sit in a landfill for longer than you can comprehend. TV is broken? Just buy another one, no need to repair this one. It's horrible and wasteful. Not to mention how once our culture wanted the cheaper throw away option, we stopped caring about the quality of the things we buy.

I really believe by spreading the appreciation of things that are made with love and care we can beat the throw away culture. We can teach people to appreciate quality hand crafting by providing them with things we make.

I want nothing more than a life where I can make things I love, buy things other people make with love, and spend as little time/effort/money on things that are mass produced/throw away quality.

I really truly believe that the revolution will be handmade.

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