Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Sum Of All Things.

What my days consist of. Sticth and bitch and sip.
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I'd be a liar if I said the last few weeks haven't been difficult. I've been feeling cagey and despondent. Not having a concrete job lead, it being so impossibly humid, and the general malaise I've not been "Regular Nichole." I've also not been "Super Productive Nichole" either. I used to be so energized by the sun, now I just feel like it's zapping my power.

I'm going to do the Polish Hill Art What You Got festival in July and I should be using every single spare moment to be sewing and creating and making as much as possible. This is my first year doing this festival and I have no idea how much product needs to be made. This is a weird feeling, working through my stash and having something to show for it. Making things to sell and not to give away.

I love the feeling of a finished product. I love holding something in my hands that I made, from beginning to end. Such satisfaction in seeing how much I've grown as a seamstress. I still feel like such a beginner and still afraid of some things, but I know I'm learning. I find myself taking the time to iron, wash, measure, mark, pin, iron, repin, back stitch.. etc. I'm doing things the right way instead of the quick way.

It feels good. I feel accomplished.

Now, if I could just beat this heat and get back to work I'd feel even better.

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