Friday, November 21, 2014

Smell Ya' Later, WIP.

I've got a confession, my little boils and ghouls, and I've been thinking about this quite a lot actually. What is it, you ask... it's getting a jump start on next years creative resolution. DRUM ROLL PLEASE..... No more abandoned WIP pile! (Can you hear the trumpet's fanfare? The cheers of the crowd? Are you getting stoked??! Oh wait, you don't know what a WIP is? It's a work in progress, silly.) Maybe you're not one of the poor people who live as a slave to the creative mumbles in your brain that force you to bounce seemingly uncontrollably from project to project, leaving the previous one in bits on your desk. Maybe you're one of the lucky ones who doesn't watch a stack of started and sadly abandoned pieces grow and grow into some insurmountable mountain of mess. Lucky ducks, you.

I get a lot of ideas, a lot of really great, overzealous, hand stitched, and doodled creatures screaming to be brought to life. Just call me, Nixenstein. It's pretty much a constant flow of little felty monsters and Halloween themed art just bubbling over from my brain meats. Every now and then when I'm not keeping a watchful eye on my hands.... BAM!!! Before I know it I've stopped paying attention and these momentarily idle hands have started in on something else before the previous projects been finished. It's a curse and it's so deliciously easy to do. The allure of something new and fresh and exciting! 

I decided that in the end of 2014 and through 2015 I'm going to do my very best to no longer abandon projects in my wip pile. Every idea I develop deserves to be seen into fruition. I owe them that much.  

Ok, ok... so, wonderful. I've made this sweeping proclamation about my grand intentions for my creative year to come. Big deal. People say things like this all the time, more important than this promise made publicly to myself is how I plan to keep it.  Firstly things first, I keep a notebook of ideas and projects and such. (Like every good creative person does!) What it does for me is helps me keep organized. In order to keep these big creepy eyes on the prize I have absolutely got to stay organized. I can work out pros and cons, place my projects in order of importance or deadlines, and keep track of materials used/processes that do/do not work. A trusty notebook is an artist's best friend. 

Secondly, making a public proclamation and following up with blog, Facebook (Plight of the Living Dead), Twitter, and, Flickr, and Instagram to keep everyone in the know as to what exactly I'm making. That about covers it right? Every single major social media site, right? Enjoy all this grotesque visual gore, kiddies.

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