Sunday, November 30, 2014


Listen, I know it probably goes without saying but I don't update ye' olde tyme blog too often. The age of instant gratification and 140 characters on social media sort of sucked it out of me. (That sounds disgusting and I'm sorry.) The same thing happened with taking actual photographs of my work and posting them to Flickr rather than with my iPhone and Instagramming them. It just happens, I guess, and you almost don't even realize that it has. I will make a valiant attempt to break away from that mentality. I have started to write here again and I hope you're all stoked to see lengthy updates about my creative process, the woes of pricing your product, and how by being careless and distracted I have learned how many swear words I know because I constantly stab myself in the finger with my sewing needle. (SPOILER: It's a lot.)

In keeping with that theme, in addition to all those usual social media sites (the Facebook page, the Twitter, the Instagram, and the Flickr gallery) I have also started a real honest to evilness website. I know, I know... what year is this? I have a BLOG and a WEBSITE?!? I think a lot of it is that I love seeing the URL itself... HOW COOL IS THAT? (It's ok if you're not as tickled as I am, I'm not generally as excited about other people's kids either.) I made the site myself so it's far from perfect or professional. I have no desire to work digitally on anything. I do all of my drawing the old fashioned way, I actually prefer hand sewing, and I seriously don't know the first thing about making a website. (Well, except that someone told me once you shouldn't do a dark background with light text and I always break that rule because I just like how it looks, dammit.)

There it is, creeps, I made a website and I'm going to post here and I'm not going to abandon all those cute little felt projects I start. Follow me, and like my pages, and all that jazz. I WILL BE PRODUCTIVE, PEOPLE WILL LIKE MY PRODUCTS, AND GOSH DARN IT PEOPLE WILL LIKE ME. (Maybe that last bit is a stretch but you can't blame a ghoul for trying. 

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